$500 Dollar Prints vs $50 Dollar Prints

© Joe DiMaggio

To All the Ships at Sea –

As mentioned previously,  I no longer have any sponsorship with any photography company My choosing not theirs!  That puts me in an interesting position – I can say what I want, when I want, and to whom I want. That’s a good feeling!  Anybody who knows me, knows that I’ve been doing that for the last 50 years.  Obviously in the world of business, I never want to hurt anybody either. Its not a good thing. So for all intensive purposes I will not mention the lab that makes the $500 dollar plus prints. The lab in question is approximately 30 years old, and even by today’s standards, damn expensive!

Fast forward to now, I’ve made over 250 prints with AdoramaPix.  My best friend/partner JoAnne Kalish, who by anybody’s standards is a world class color printer, was very apprehensive, at first,  that I’d turn my work over to AdoramaPix.  She challenged me, and without knowing it she challenged AdoramaPix. The first three of four prints she printed and compared them to the AdoramaPix prints. Other than the nurturing she would give my work, the reality was the AdoramaPix prints were equal to or better than what we could produce given the budgetary considerations and the overall cost of paper and ink. The bottom line is, I have made many great prints from AdoramaPix and at very reasonable prices.

Live, love, laugh, and be happy!

I urge you to have some fun and go out and make some great photos!

© Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio



The British July 7th

To all the ships at Sea-

Doug and Terry, yes the infamous famous amazing Doug and Terry owners of the Phoenix House. Two extremely bright and creative people really out did themselves this July 4th. Did I say July 4th? I meant July 7th. One unbelievable, one hell of a party, by Doug and Terry’s standards it was intimate. 100 200 people intimate. I desperately wanted to wear my tuxedo but somehow, someone must have washed the tuxedo with hot water and over dried it in the dryer because the bloody thing was to damn tight. I begged JoAnne to stop washing my tuxedos. Anyone who is anybody and everyone who is somebody was at this party and I was privileged to be invited thank you Doug thank you Terry hope to see you next year for my 4th of July party in late may 2019.

B/W Love the Color

© Joe DiMaggio

To all the ships at Sea-

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph my friend John. A great guitar player, vocalist and leader of the former band Pig Vomit with Howard Stern. Much to my surprise, who knew that Walt Disney was in his band?  Man, I’ll have to check the internet to see if that’s right.

I think the photo would be great with TriX film rated at 1200 in Acufine, at 74 degrees, for 6 minutes of exposure, one stop over – intentionally, and printed on a #4 piece of paper. Yes I know, there’s a good possibility that nobody knows what the hell I just said. Oh yes, I forgot the light red filter (a red filter indoors with stage lighting –  how many stops do you lose?)  Okay, you caught me I have been drinking in the afternoon! To simplify all this, get a digital camera, shoot the photo,  FILL THE FRAME, and its all good. Live, love, laugh, be happy and stop drinking in the afternoon!

Attached you’ll find a half hour radio show I did for CBS sports in Philadelphia (on July 8th.)

I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore!

© Joe DiMaggio

To all the ships at Sea –

I have many many favorite films, ranging from 2001 Space Odyssey, Citizen Kane to Metropolis and back again. Somewhere on this list is the film Network.

Over the years, I have been affiliated, aligned, or I have prostituted myself off to major and minor photographic corporations. I’m at a point in my career where I’ve made an decision to cleanse myself of all of my past relationships within the photographic nation. I no longer have an allegiance to any company or any company’s product. This decision was a long time in coming and probably should have been done several years ago. Maybe my friends think I’m out of my mind. Lets put it this way, I never trust  “sane” people because those are the ones who go postal.

From now on it’s my opinion or the highway! Please understand, on a good day I make 3, 4, or 5 mistakes! Take everything with a grain of salt. This is Joe D, and the only thing consistent about me is that I like to have fun and make great photographs! Its all good and no one really cares what camera,  lens, card, or what tripod you have.

Live, love, laugh, and be happy – Joe D

©Joe DiMaggio


The Amazing Johnny Eye

To all the ships at Sea –

I’ve decided to take July through September off and go through some of my files looking for some very specific photographs for a show I will be doing in 2019. I stumbled across this photo of the magnificent photographer Johnny Eye (John Iacono) who spent over 50 years being one of the greatest photographer. Another name to claim he was my next door neighbor. He also has a reputation of being the sweetest guy in photography. That itself has a of being pretty amazing, and like the old western sherifs who always got the man Johnny always came back with a great photograph, and yes what more could you ask for a great sense of humor. WOW Johnny Eye is the only other photographer other than Joanne Kalish who has his own photographer in my new book Fill the Frame. Thank you Johnny.

Gerry Cooney Fight Night

© Joe DiMaggio

To All the Ships at Sea,

Last Saturday I had the privilege of photographing Gerry Cooney’s Fight Night for YCS (Youth Consultation Services), a children’s foundation.  Gerry is totally dedicated to the kids.

I was honored to have them auction off one of my Mike Tyson scream photos, that both Mike and I signed, and if I do say so myself, it garnered a considerable amount of money for the charity. Great kids, great support!

Robin Peck runs the program and  is a sweetheart.

© Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio

David Douglas Duncan

To all the ships at sea,

Another world class photographer has gone to the dark room in the sky. David Douglas Duncan, age 102, sitting at his phone waiting for a call that never came (this is Joe DiMaggio trying to be funny).

on  the phone about political upheaval in the USA and the never ending questions about Vietnam. When a God screams, you better listen!  In my case, bow and scrape! I once sent him a super wide pro strap I made and never saw a photo of him with a camera strap maybe he threw it away.

I believe the only double truck photo in his book War Without Heroes is with my cousin Denis James Dermody, here is the photo.



Artist Will Barnet

© JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved


Today is special day, as it would have been Will Barnet 105th birthday. It is a well-known fact that Will had a crush on my partner, the great photographer JoAnne Kalish who introduced me to Will. I will always think of Will Barnet as a great artist, a visionary, a great teacher and dear friend of both JoAnne’s and myself. In my eyes Will could do no wrong just like another great artist friend of ours Dennis Wheeler. 

As a working photographer for many years, I’ve heard plenty of negatives things about my work and a lot of great things.  With 30 seconds left on this planet, one of the things I’ll always remember, after showing Will some of my work, is he looked at me and said, “you are not a photographer, you are a painter. ”   Ok, I am ready to go to heaven…. 


© Joe DiMaggio

Mecca’s First Cover

To all the ships at sea, it never ceases to amaze me how people progress at lightning speed. Jon Mecca came here 2 years ago, and it would be fair to say he was wet behind the ears. What he had was something that many photographers don’t have. He not only has a passion for his photography, he also has a passion for skateboarding. The combination of his athleticism with skateboarding and his rock steady hand with a camera makes him a dual threat. I’m extremely proud of him for his first cover. He’s officially left us, but he’ll come back once a week or so just to stay sharp. He doesn’t know it yet but we’re going to plan a trip to go to Brooklyn and meet up with photographers there. Check out his Instagram @jonmecca and website jonmeccaphotography.wordpress.com, and also check out the photo my partner made just love this photo.

©Jon Mecca

© JoAnne Kalish


Happy Birthday Pete Seeger

© Joe DiMaggio

American Folk Singer, Political Activist

My last correspondence to Pete –

Dear Pete,

First let me say thank you for all your great music, lyrics and for just being Pete Seeger – the one and only!

For me, the most important thing in life is respect. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and what you’ve done over the decades. As great as Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Peter Paul and Mary, and other artist’s like Bruce Springsteen are, I believe a time will come, when there will be other artists that will be equal to them or possibly surpass them on an artistic level. You Pete Seeger will never be replaced by anyone! You are truly unique and when God made you, he made only one for all eternity. I had the pleasure of speaking to a NASA scientist and he tried to explain to me in layman’s terms, that the playing of a note or the singing of a melody would travel into space and into infinity.

You have touched literally so many people with your words, music, actions and changed the world for the better. God Bless you!

With All My Heart and Utmost Respect,

Joe DiMaggio


The above Portrait of Pete can be purchased as a print or a limited edition poster, suitable for framing at –  http://www.dimaggio-kalish.com