Dr. Jeffrey Liegner vs God

To All the Ships at Sea,
     I had an epiphany the other night after driving 160 miles round trip to photograph a boxing assignment.  What I found out was that highways have exit and speed limit signs and was totally taken back by this!  A friend mentioned they’ve been there all along but you could have fooled me!
     I’ve probably mentioned before that I don’t particularly like smart phones, however,  like them or not,  they are here to stay.  I no longer use my car GPS because it’s not up to date, so I have been using my IPhone. Up until recently,  I was unable to really see the directions on my IPhone very well.  So how do I account for my improved eyesight all of a sudden? This all came to be,  thanks to a friend recommending eye Doctor Jeffery Liegner, a specialist in corrective eye surgery to me, telling me how truly great he was.  I have to agree Dr. Liegner is truly an amazing guy and a true visionary.  He came up with new protocols for eye surgery including eye drops that are put in the eye during the surgery and not needed afterwards (also a great savings.)  I had cataract surgery in my shooting eye,  and my vision has gone from 20 /400 and progressively worsening to now seeing better than 20/20 both day and night.  Before my surgery Dr. Liegner told me I’d see colors, depth and sharpness like I’ve never seen before.  I now understand what he was saying.  He also gave me vision in my left eye which I had not had since I was a young child! That eye was virtually blind (or so I was previously told.) I am absolutely freaked out by the contrast, detail, and color I now see!  It is so truly amazing!  I take my Beret off to this very special Doctor.  I also found out Doctor Liegner, donates a good amount of time helping the underprivileged as well.  When I return from my trip to S. America, I plan on making a documentary on Doctor Liegner and shooting an in-depth picture story on him because I find it important I do that. I truly am a lucky man!
     An additional note, Dr. Liegner is an active Pilot and is in the process of building his own plane.  I’ve included one of several photos of Andrew Wright in a F-22 Raptor from the NY Airshow.  Also a couple photos from one of the fights I shot that evening.

©Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio

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