Taken During Private Workshop in Times Square © Joe DiMaggio

To All the Ships At Sea –

Twenty years ago I was hired for private photo lessons by an amazingly great businessman by the name of Simon Jacob. We spent 3 days photographing all around Manhattan, Queens and New Jersey. At the time I was shooting Kodachrome 25, Kodachrome 64 and Tri-X. Simon had a digital camera. At the end of our photo safari he convinced me to try digital. Twelve months later, I was 100% digital. I owe it all to Simon Jacob who by the way, turned into a very close friend as well and what I consider family.

Why am I telling you this now? I just came across some photos that are 40 plus years old taken on negative color material. I rarely shoot color negative but this was a special assignment as I was working on assignment with TIME Magazine and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED photographing Captain Frank Mundus capturing the world largest fish caught on Rod & Reel. It was a 3,427 lb. Great White Shark. It was 0 dark 30 when we came into Montauk. I jumped onto another boat so I could make the photo of the Captain, his boat the Cricket II, and the White Shark. While scanning the negatives, it dawned on me what if I had a digital camera back then? Really pretty amazing!

Israel © Simon Jacob
In Israel Joe D & Simon © JoAnne Kalish
Golan Heights
© Joe DiMaggio