Gentleman Gerry June 17

To All The Ships At Sea – Boxing has been in my wheelhouse for over 6 decades. While living in Greenwich Village, New York my grandfather would take me to the old Madison Square Garden and Sunnyside Gardens. Fast forward 6 decades and my love for boxing has turned into a love/hate relationship. I just […]

IN THIS CORNER – A Film On Boxing by Joe DiMaggio

To All the Ships at Sea – I’ve been working on a documentary called IN THIS CORNER a film on Boxing. The idea of the film was accidentally conceived when I was photographing the great SPORTS ILLUSTRATED photographer JoAnne Kalish on a combination interview on Sports and Action photography for a teaching segment for Adorama. […]

Try not to Pack Murphy When You Leave for A Shoot

To All the Ships at Sea – You would think that after half a century of assignments for TIME MAGAZINE, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, HBO, advertising for Saatchi and Saatchi, J. Walter Thompson and the list goes on… that I’d have no problem doing a 2 hour shoot at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn. Piece of cake right?  Not […]

The Amazing Johnny Eye

To all the ships at Sea – I’ve decided to take July through September off and go through some of my files looking for some very specific photographs for a show I will be doing in 2019. I stumbled across this photo of the magnificent photographer Johnny Eye (John Iacono) who spent over 50 years […]


To all the Ships at Sea – Coming up to the 20th anniversary of digital (for me.) While researching a new book I came across this Kodachrome 64 slide of Tom Seaver.  It stopped me in my tracks.  Wow! Talk about butter!   Never to be seen again!  


  To All The Ships At Sea – I would imagine photographers are just like everyone else.  They get into a routine and take things for granted and that’s a very bad thing.  Anybody that knows me knows, that I shot Nikon Cameras from 1960 – 1984.  In 1984 I signed a contract with the […]

Win Number Two for Boxer Khalid Twaiti

To All the Ships At Sea – Most of you know I have been photographing boxing for a long time.  I also have been working on a film titled IN THIS CORNER and it has been one of my ongoing projects.  Over the years, I have photographed Mohammed Ali, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray […]

Ringside or Ring Sight? That Is the Question.

The main protagonist in my film “in this corner” is Harry Keitt. Harry is a former heavyweight boxer who now trains fighters. The fighter he is working with today is “Big Baby” Miller, who on Friday night was fighting for the WBO and ____ Heavyweight championship. We called our agent and requested two ringside credentials, […]

Fight Night with Gerry Cooney

To all the ships at sea, You could probably count on one hand the number of your really dear friends. Gerry Cooney and I have been friends for a long time. It’s a lot like black and white: I’m black and he’s white, then I’m white and he’s black. We don’t agree on many things, […]