Time Motion

To all the ships at sea, I had a New York City art buyer at my studio looking at some of my work. Afterwards, she said to me, “You seem to be copying this other woman photographer’s style”. I said to her, “I don’t quite understand” the young lady she was speaking about was maybe […]


To All the Ships at Sea, Somewhere in the 70’s, I coined the phrase Shooting From the Inside Out. The concept is simple; rather than being a voyeur, the concept is to embed yourself into the photograph. When you’re close you need to get closer, when you’re tight you need to get tighter, when you’re […]

Visual Literacy

  To all the ships at sea, I remember having a conversation with Alfred Eisenstaedt and the topic of lighting came up. Ron Thompson, a Nikon tech rep, said “Everybody knows that Sam Sam the Umbrella man invented the photo white umbrella sometime in the late 40s”. I had no reason to doubt it, but […]