Winter AKA Cold Hell

To all the ships at sea and to all the ships standing on an iceberg, not to mention to all my friends in California, Sicily, and Cuba who laugh at me when I bitch about how cold it is. Their simple answer is MOVE! I’ll take it under consideration. Here are a few photos I […]

Try not to Pack Murphy When You Leave for A Shoot

To All the Ships at Sea – You would think that after half a century of assignments for TIME MAGAZINE, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, HBO, advertising for Saatchi and Saatchi, J. Walter Thompson and the list goes on… that I’d have no problem doing a 2 hour shoot at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn. Piece of cake right?  Not […]

Formula One Austin, Texas

To All The Ships at Sea Yes, I know I’m many blogs short – I’ve been running around a lot. As I’m writing this blog I am watching the warm up lap of the final Formula 1  2012 Series.  Last week, I had one of the greatest weeks of my life, as I had an […]

TIME Magazine Assignment

I had a half hour off the other day. Decided to just look through some of my old TIME magazine and Sports Illustrated assignments and I stumbled across this photo that I did for them to celebrate the opening of Giant Stadium. I was totally blown away when I heard they were going to build […]