To All the Ships at Sea,

In a world moving at light speed, yes I’ve used this saying before…  To have 4 consecutive great days is almost unheard of.  Well, I’ve had 5 great days.  It started out good and ended fabulous.  My book FILL THE FRAME hit 13 on Amazon. Sean Strub of the hotel Fauchére hosted a book signing for literary club which was extremely successful.  The one hour presentation lasted 2 hours.  I was totally honored that people came to hear me and purchase a copy of my book.  I guess I will have to start working on FILL THE FRAME II.

Excerpts from my book FILL THE FRAME…

© Joe DiMaggio

I wanted Star Trek’s William Shatner as a celebrity guest & co-host when I was hosting The Canon Photo Safari. We finally connected in 1999, for a segment being filmed in Israel. I didn’t know much about him; I was no Trekkie, but for some reason Bill had always fascinated me.

One typically torrid morning at 4:30, we set off for some far-flung location, and by 3:30 that afternoon it was even hotter. Bill and I were sitting shoulder to shoulder on a stone wall, gazing out at a magnificent ruin, when he glanced at me and said, “You know Joe, you look really hot.”

“Well, it’s warm,” I said, “but I’m not that hot.”

“Well, you really look really hot.”

“What can I say? It’s hot.””

“You know what? You also look very, very tired.”

“Well, I’m not that tired.”

“But you really look tired. You look very hot, and you look very tired. Actually, you look exhausted.”
“I’m really not exhausted.” “No, you really are exhausted.”

At that point, we paused. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, sometimes it takes two or three kicks under the table for me to catch on. I looked at the director, and said, “I’m feeling a little queasy, I’m very hot, and I’m really tired. I’d like to go back to the kibbutz, and relax a bit. Is there any way we could make up the work tomorrow?”

The director said, “Well, if you’re not up to it . . .”

©Joe DiMaggio

    © Joe DiMaggio



Happy Birthday William!

Bill Shatner 4515 2_flipped

© Joe DiMaggio

You have to love the internet. It’s filled with so much information, it’s virtually impossible to keep up with it. Every once in a while, however, the internet will be wrong. I know Bill Shatner is an Aries, we share that sign together. But according to Wikapedia, he’s 84. Wrong! He’s not 84, he’s 44! I’ve had the opportunity and absolute pleasure to work with Bill on a few projects and to spend time with him both outside and inside the country. Rest assured, he can outthink, outread, outwork, and outact any 25 year old person on the planet. Oh, I knew I forgot something – he can also outride anybody on the planet! He’s not only a great actor, writer, and entrepreneur, he’s also one hell of a cowboy. If there’s two things he loves, it’s speed and horses. Oops! Forgot Liz! She’s first.

Happy birthday Bill, have a good day and a little sip of champagne for me. Give Liz a hug and a kiss.

Health and happiness,

Joe D.

Startrek goes Country Bill Shatner competing in the 12th Annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show hosted by Bill Shatner Competitions held at the Los Angles Equestian Center 4/27 and 4/28 ©2002 Joe DiMaggio

Startrek goes Country
Bill Shatner competing in the 12th Annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show hosted by Bill Shatner Competitions held at the Los Angles Equestian Center 4/27 and 4/28
©2002 Joe DiMaggio

Bill Shatner

© Joe DiMaggio

bill shatner israel

© Joe DiMaggio

GroomLakeBill Shatner ©Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio


© Joe DiMaggio

Israel Photography Adventure

Israel Photo Safari with Joe DiMaggio and William Shatner

Joe DiMaggio and Bill Shatner in Israel on Photo Safari

Whether you’re a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or atheist you must visit Israel. It is the Center of all Religions and all Civilizations. It is living history that one can see, palpably feel and we are offering you the opportunity to photographically capture.

In any given year millions of people visit Israel  – over a million from the U.S. alone. There are many travel agencies that specifically deal with the Middle East and the number of guides are astronomical.  Given that set of circumstances, one should ask why go with us? Internationally known photographer/filmmakerJoe DiMaggio and World Class Guide Amir Or-ly have worked together for almost three decades and have become brothers. Amir and Joe met while shooting a TV show for ESPN. The show was called The Photo Safari which Joe hosted along with co-host celebrity, amateur photographer, world traveler –William Shatner and is still being rerun on OLN network. DiMaggio felt that is was Amir – his knowledge, his humor and his ability to change course in a manner of seconds, who was the glue  that helped make the show so successful.

81 Years Ago Was a Good Day

Photo ©Joe DiMaggio

To All The Ships At Sea:

I’ve had thousands of photo students. Some of them celebrities, politicians, FBI agents, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. I come from the old school.  I treat them all the same. I must admit Bill Shatner on one level was the easiest student I’ve ever had. He has a great eye, is a wonderful director and can that guy ride a horse!

Happy Birthday William.  I can’t wait for 100

Photo ©JoAnne Kalish

Shatner’s World, We Just Live in It

©Joe DiMaggio

Ever since I gave Bill his big break as my co-host on the Photo Safari, he’s setting the world on fire.  That’s me trying to be funny.  Bill Shatner needs no help from anyone to be absolutely great.  He is genuinely one of the most talented people on the planet.  Great actor, big and small screen, thoughtful director, an accomplished writer, one of the most avid readers I’ve ever met, a mensch when comes to being a husband and a father, and a damn good friend.  JoAnne and I were in the front row for Bill’s last New York performance last night.  He was nothing short of out-of-this-world.  No-one should be surprised.

A Great Phone Call

I know I tend to use the same phrases over again.  To All The Ships At Sea… Sorry.  But I really am the luckiest guy in the World. It seems every time you turn around there’s bad news and enough of it will actually get to you. I’ve had a great two weeks. It started with a small but lucrative advertising shoot, rapidly followed by some great news with a new young editor, who’s going to come aboard and help me with a few projects. The best news is that he’s local. I had a wonderful chance meeting with an old friend, and a five star wedding with the Jacob & Boxer Family. Life just doesn’t get better than that.  Unless of course, my friend Bill Shatner calls which he did. Anytime I have an opportunity to talk to Bill it’s a good thing. He’s the most optimistic person in the whole world, oops maybe in the whole Galaxy. At the end of our 30 minute telephone conversation, I had a large grin on my face. Like always, Bill is up to his neck in new projects, exciting travel and oh my, he’s now flying a helicopter! The next time he’s in NY I’ll introduce him to Al Cerullo, probably the best helicopter pilot I’ve ever met.  I’m also going to end the week with two SOLD OUT WORKSHOPS in NYC.  I told you I’m a lucky Guy!