Sam Garcia: The Big Picture

To all the ships at sea,

Sam Garcia © Sam Garcia

Sam Garcia © Sam Garcia

Never let it be said that Sam Garcia has one hell of a sense of humor. He recently sent me a self portrait that he did all by himself with his new Leica Q. What I love about the photo is that he is so giddy! Take my word for it, this is Sam being giddy. I like the photograph. Sam takes any opportunity to remind me that I should consider becoming more flexible, no doubt he has a point. I’ll recognize the point but I’ll be damned if I’m going to change. Wow, that doesn’t sound too good, does it? Let’s move away from the words, and get to two great photos by the 2016 winner of the Pulitzer Feature

Photography winner, Jessica Rinaldi  (© Jessica Rinaldi Globe staff two photos below)

Strider © Jessica Rinaldi Globe Staff 21e


Strider © Jessica Rinaldi Globe Staff 20eIn the interest of cutting to the chase, my two favorite photos are #3 and #11, as presented in the online Boston Globe article. (

University of Missouri School of Journalism vs. Captions.