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To All the Ships At Sea –

Putting together a sports/action program.  Fell in love with the blue skies and the F-22 Raptor shot with the Canon 5D Mark IV and the 100-400mm zoom.  Great package!

© Joe DiMaggio All Rights Reserved

© Joe DiMaggio All Rights Reserved


  To All The Ships At Sea –

I would imagine photographers are just like everyone else.  They get into a routine and take things for granted and that’s a very bad thing.  Anybody that knows me knows, that I shot Nikon Cameras from 1960 – 1984.  In 1984 I signed a contract with the IOC as a pool photographer.  I had to change from Nikon to Canon and from Kodak film to Fuji.  Not the easiest thing in the world to do but it had to be done to fulfill my advertising obligations with Canon, Fuji, and the Olympic Committee.

Suffice to say, Nikon makes very fine cameras and lenses. I found Canon to be not only equal but in many aspects a better fit.  Whether it was with sharpness, ergonomics, contrast, or speed.  The most important thing is that Canon  listens to both Professional photographers and amateurs.  It’s like one big focus group.  Their technical people are the best in the world.  They’ve always been there for me when I had any questions and have always had the answers.  Sometimes they’ve even had the answer before I had the question.  Rudy Winston who works for Canon, is not only a great photographer but also knows the equipment inside and out.  As far as I’m concerned he’s the go-to-guy on all aspects of the Canon System.  You’d think after being a working photographer for so long that I wouldn’t need help.  Wrong!  Things change constantly in the digital age of photography.

Below is a series of photos I did the other day with the 5D Mark IV and one of my favorite lenses the 100-400mm zoom.  It was late in the day with zero sunlight, lots of ice and difficult terrain.  I hope the photos speak for themselves.  Go out and make some photos.  One camera, one lens, two batteries , and two cards.  Keep it Simple Stupid!  The saying always works.


Kevin vs Kevin

© DiMaggio

To all the Ships at Sea

I genuinely believe as human beings we tend to bitch and moan about things that we shouldn’t bitch and moan about. I guess the simple way to look at things is “what can you do about it?  When I relocated from New York I had hundreds of trees on my property. Four very large beautiful oaks had to be taken down due to the proximity of the house and two more were taken down in building the barn. I took down the minimal amount of trees because they are so beautiful.  I have a very large birch tree maybe 70 feet, very close to the house. It did not bud this year so I presumed it was dead. I received a quote of  “$1,200 – $2,000” to cut and remove it. In relocating to the upper Delaware Valley,  I have learned to use a chainsaw quite well and yes it is quite dangerous but this is really too close to the house for me to deal with.
A friend of mine suggested calling kevin, not realizing I had hired Kevin ten years ago and had a really good experience when he did a job for me. Kevin showed up and said, “I don’t think this tree is dead and I don’t think it has to come down. Let’s wait until late spring of 2018 and then we’ll consider maybe taking down.  The cost will be $150 dollars.”  It’s good know kevin.  I could put the savings into a new Canon lens.
I  have 2  beautiful Herman Miller office chairs and one of the seats snapped.  It sounded like somebody shot off a 45 in the studio.  I did some research and decided I would epoxy the crack.  After buying what I believed to be the best epoxy for the seat, there was a warning on the types of material it would not work well on,  so I called Herman Miller to find out the type of polymer they use for their chairs. The lovely young lady said she can’t give out that information as it’s proprietary but she would transfer me to the head of repair.  A gentleman got on the phone and explained to me that I should not in any way attempt to repair the seat as hundreds of people failed doing just that. The reason is the seat flexes up down left right depending on the weight of the person sitting. I’m not exactly a lightweight!  A young man asked me for the number of the chair for the warranty and explained it was good for twelve years. He looked up the purchase date, it was 2000.  Unfortunately, it was out of warranty and at that point the gentlemen said, “Mr DiMaggio I will ship you out a replacement seat at no charge, with complete instructions on how to make the necessary exchange.”  Would you like to guess his name? It was Kevin!  So Kevin the Great meet Kevin the Magnificent.  Hell, my cousin’s name is Kevin and he’s a wonderful guy!   If I have another child, in another life, I’ll name him Sue, no Johnny Cash already did that!  I’ll call him Kevin!  Always remember life is great.  Hope to see you on the road again!

Ho, Ho, Ho… Five Stars

©Sam Garcia

©Sam Garcia

To all the ships at sea,

I love the holidays just like anybody else: Christmas, New Years, New Years One, New Years Two, Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa, Diwali… Invariably, I get hundreds of holiday cards. I very rarely get a card that totally turns me on. Mr. Sam Garcia sent this card and I absolutely love it, my partner JoAnne absolutely loves it, and my studio manager absolutely loves it. Okay, enough love – I am going to share his holiday spirit with you. I’m not even going to show you my card this year. Great job Sam!


Shooting From the Inside Out 2

Hi to All the Sips at Sea,

While working on an essay called America, I came across some college students at the U of A who were heavy into mountain biking. We did all of the classic cliché photos and then I decided we can do better. So I took one of the small Canon cameras with a 15mm lens and a remote cord and put it at the end of a painters pole and was actually able (for a  millisecond) to get the camera under the tire as the young man did a wheely.


All the Best,

Joe D

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