Minke Moves to Miami

© Joe DiMaggio

I jumped in the car to take my dear friend Danny Multer out for dinner. His cat is relocating to Miami and Danny felt it was the right thing to to do to follow Minke. Danny was kind enough to gift me several old photographic books and a few glass plates that are amazing to play with. The Mexican beer was good,  I won’t talk about the quality of food but the beer was good.

Mia and the Lion

© DiMaggio-Kalish

© DiMaggio-Kalish

To all the ships at sea,

One of the first rules you learn in photography is that the eyes are absolutely critical, and that the eye closest to the camera has to be sharp. JoAnne adopted a kitten which she named Mia and here is a photo and it looks like her eye is sharp. In the second horizontal, the cat turned and now you have two sharp eyes.

© DiMaggio-Kalish

© DiMaggio-Kalish

Everybody knows kittens grow up to be cats, and cats grow up to be lions.

Lion ©DiMaggio 1626

© DiMaggio

Lion shot in S. Africa

Lion shot in S. Africa © Dimaggio