Ice Dreams-Ice

To all the ships at sea, Joe redundant is here again. Look at it this way, I’m not going to live that much longer. Somewhere around 2:00 in the morning, as they say “nature called”. I looked out the window and it was a full moon. The icicles were being illuminated by the moon and […]

Winter AKA Cold Hell

To all the ships at sea and to all the ships standing on an iceberg, not to mention to all my friends in California, Sicily, and Cuba who laugh at me when I bitch about how cold it is. Their simple answer is MOVE! I’ll take it under consideration. Here are a few photos I […]

You Thought You Were Out and then They Pulled You Back in Again

We had an extremely successful holiday workshop in NYC. Everyone had a great time, it doesn’t get better than that. As we were strolling to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral we ran into a few demonstrators in front of Trump Tower. Under normal circumstances I would be very wordy right about now, but unfortunately I just had […]