Pete Turner – The Great!

Pete Turner © Tim Mantoani

To All the Ships At Sea,

In my opinion the greatest color photographer in my lifetime has to be Pete Turner. Turner was a visionary who thought outside the box before people even knew what the box was. What he could not photograph, he found a way of building, designing, and enhancing to make it work. As a snotty, wet behind the ears, photography wanna-be back 5 decades ago, someone in my photography lecture asked me the question, “Who do you think is the greatest photographer?” I looked the person in the eyes and then everyone around him and said, “there are only 2 great photographers, Pete Turner and Joe DiMaggio. Looking back at it “ I can’t believe that came out of my mouth! Yes, Pete Turner was correct. Not me so much. It was a cocky and silly reply and in retrospect, totally unacceptable.

I will share this – I’ve cursed Pete Turner virtually every night for as long as I can remember. One day, JoAnne and I were at a cocktail party in New York City sponsored by Aperture and Pete and his lovely wife Reine were there. I went over with JoAnne to say hello to Pete. I said Pete, “I just want you to know that I curse you every night.” Turner looks at me like I have 3 heads and asks me, “Why?” I said, “Let me explain, when JoAnne asked me to take out the garbage, I said son of a bitch!” “I bet $#$@&*! Pete Turner doesn’t have to take the garbage out every night!” His wife chimed in, “Really?” “Pete has to take the garbage out every night as well.” And we all laughed! In my opinion no one can come close to Peter Turner’s talent. He was the best color photographer EVER!

Heaven will be a lot more colorful from now on.

Fun #4

© Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio

To all the ships at sea,

I stopped by a yard sale last year and this old, red coffee can caught my eye. I put it near the studio outside, looked at it all winter, looked at it all spring until a couple of weeds decided to start growing in it. JoAnne walked past the can and saw these beautiful green weeds growing and thought she’d help me out by pulling them out. So much for green and red! I thought something was there- the red really caught my eye. A branch fell down next to it.The branch came from heaven. (If you don’t believe in heaven, I guess it came from the sky… and if you don’t believe in the sky then you’re going to fail Star Trek 1 – the TV show not the movie!)  I picked it up, stuck it inside, took it to the studio, took three frames and then my phone rang. The next day I looked at the frames. I’m not complaining, I’m just explaining! I’m having fun! It will not be entered in the NPPA year-end contest. Then again, I’m no longer a member of the National Press Photographers Association. Wow, now that I said that maybe I should send in my dues…