To All the Ships At Sea – Twenty years ago I was hired for private photo lessons by an amazingly great businessman by the name of Simon Jacob. We spent 3 days photographing all around Manhattan, Queens and New Jersey. At the time I was shooting Kodachrome 25, Kodachrome 64 and Tri-X. Simon had a […]

Rodeo, the Only Ones Hurt are usually the Contestants not the animals!

                        To all the ships at sea, I remember the first time I heard the expression, “It’s not my first rodeo.”  Well a few years ago, when I shot my first rodeo, I told the head Wrangler, “This is my first rodeo,” he thought […]

A Beautiful Young Woman

When we closed our studio in Manhattan, and relocated to the Upper Delaware Valley, one of the problems we had was finding great models that had flexible schedules.  I was extremely fortunate to run into an extremely beautiful young lady by the name of Luisa Weinstein.  As it turns out, her husband Michael and I […]

Ace could win Westminister, or maybe Belmont… I don’t know which one.

Like most photographers, when I’m feeling a little rusty, especially with my hand eye coordination (that really shouldn’t happen if your 25 years old right?), or if  just want to check out a new camera or new lens, I’ll take my best friend (my best male friend), Ace… my puppalupus.  He’s so much fun to be around, […]

Craig Leaper

Wow, what a great way to get my face on my blog.  Craig Leaper has been with me on several photographic adventures.  He joined us for Chinese New Year last week.  I’m very fond of a few of these photos.

Sandra Flickstein

To all the ships at sea, I don’t know who said it first, but I believe the quote goes something like this, “I’d rather be lucky then great”… something like that.  Well, last Sunday Chinese New Year, the year of the sheep, ten photographers got very lucky.  Sub-zero weather sky rocketed up to 40 degrees. […]

The Greatest Things in Life are Free

It never ceases to amaze me the greatest things in life are free.  A little tiny pat on the back, a smile, an acknowledgment that you’re doing well.  But the advent in the digital world, many free things are forgotten.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received a visit from Peter Poremba, the CEO of […]

Chinese New Year Photo Walk

Come join us on our trip to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year Parade on Sunday, Febuary 22, 2015. http://www.dimaggio-kalishworkshops.com/chinese-new-year-photo-walk-sunday-february-22-2015-with-joe-dimaggio/

It’s All Good

Hi to All the Ships at Sea, Let’s see if I got this right-I don’t like Photoshop, right? Right. I don’t like software where you can manipulate images…right? Right. I believe everything should be done in the camera…right? Right. Never crop, right? Right. Less is more, right? Right. Digital will be just like 8-tracks, it’ll […]