Today Was A Catch-28!

To All the Ships At Sea –

Pretty sure most of you read Joseph Heller’s book CATCH-22.  Well today I had a Catch-28!  Called Amazon and explained my name was spelled wrong in my Amazon book listing and the publisher’s name was wrong.  They said no problem…please hold.  I was on hold for four minutes and decided I should water my basil…which I did…still on hold. With that Peter Poremba, the CEO of Dynalite called and I abruptly told him, I’d call him back.  Seven minutes into my hold,  Al Stegmeyer from Upstrap called. I also blew him off.  Their music was starting to drive me crazy so I decided to go brush my teeth.  Still waiting… I gargled.  We are now 12 minutes into the hold and I figured well… I’m in the bathroom…. Now 15 minutes into it, I decided to take a quick shower. I quickly, jumped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around me and my friend Sam Garcia called.  Also blew him off and said I’d get back.  Went outside, still waiting, I watered my tomatoes, and went back into the studio. With that JoAnne asked me where I had been?  I simply said I’ve been on hold.  Twenty four minutes later, the lovely lady told me there was nothing they could do about it and to call the Publisher and tell them to make the changes.  She said it would probably take till July to implement them.  The first line in my new book FILL THE FRAME  is six months ago, I was 20 years old.  That’s how fast life is…light speed plus.  Time is like gold – more valuable than material things.

If you want to read a great book (FILL THE FRAME) – see reviews.    Attached link to short video – http://FILL THE FRAME

Live, Love, Laugh & be Happy – hold on a minute I will get back to you.  film is 28 seconds… time is very valuable…

Israel Travel with DiMaggio-Kalishworkshops December 5-12 2015

Israel with DiMaggio-kalishworkshops December 5-12 2015 @DiMaggio

Israel with DiMaggio-kalishworkshops December 5-12 2015 @DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio & William Shatner in Israel on Canon Photo Safari (2 min 41 sec) –

(click to view & download) Itinerary for Israel 

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Whether you’re a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or atheist you must visit Israel. It is the Center of all Religions and all Civilizations. It is living history that one can see, palpably feel and we are offering you the opportunity to photographically capture.

In any given year millions of people visit Israel  – over a million from the U.S. alone. There are many travel agencies that specifically deal with the Middle East and the number of guides are astronomical.  Given that set of circumstances, one should ask why go with us? Internationally known photographer/filmmakerJoe DiMaggio and World Class Guide Amir Or-ly have worked together for almost three decades and have become brothers. Amir and Joe met while shooting a TV show for ESPN. The show was called The Photo Safari which Joe hosted along with co-host celebrity, amateur photographer, world traveler –William Shatner and is still being rerun on OLN network. DiMaggio felt that is was Amir – his knowledge, his humor and his ability to change course in a manner of seconds, who was the glue  that helped make the show so successful.

Joe and Amir want to extend that synergy. They want to take you on a semi-private tour of Israel and share their passion and knowledge of land along with their unique photographic experience and vision.

Some facts about Amir – his credentials are impressive. He’s escorted Heads of State, Presidents, Kings, Hollywood Celebrities, Writers, Politicians and insured that every one of them, to a man or woman have had a highly memorable and successful visit.

Joe and Amir, along with Superb Tourist Services Ltd. (a highly respected Israel based Tour Operator), have put together a program that we hope will be your holiday of a lifetime. You will return home with both a thorough understanding of the history of Israel, the land and it’s varied people, as well as come away with truly amazing Photography and Video Imagery.

F/1.8 and Be There

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I’ve been working on a documentary film on Bobby Kyle for several years. Bobby is a world-class blues player and an extremely high energy person. The ability for a photographer to wait for peak action and not try to machine gun everything in my opinion is crucial. The photo of Bobby Kyle in the Blues Festival was shot with the 200mm 1.8 lens  with an exposure of  1/2000th of a second 1.8 camera Canon 5D ISO 200 single shot.

Nik Software

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Back in the day when I shot Leica, and used TriX and modified my carriers so you can print absolutely the whole negative with no cropping everything had to be done in camera.  I studied the zone system for years and effectively was unable to use it because I stopped shooting 4×5.  I one time watched Gene Smith, spend three hours making one 8×10.  On my best day in the darkroom my best print on a scale of 1-10 would be a 2.25. I did better with Cibachrome.  I was able to print Cibachrome and do a reasonable job.  When the world threw me a huge curve ball and digital photography became the answer to everything, I was caught with my proverbial down because I thought I was an elitist there was no way I would go digital.  I held out as long as I could and like a reformed alcoholic,  I scream the praises of digital today.  On or about the same time there was photoshop 1 or 2 Anybody who knows me knows I have the utmost respect for the Adobe programs but because of the way I shoot and the number of hours I work, I was not going to attempt to become proficient with photoshop. Maybe it’s a cop-out but I don’t think so.  I have interns and assistants that are extremely capable in the program.  I tell most of the students that 99% are only cleaned.  I very rarely attempt to make major changes in my images.  I go back to the old school.
Well, now I’m ready to move into the last part of my career as a fine art photographer, a filmmaker and director and Nik comes along and makes me crazy. I finally got the programs installed and decided to play with one digital scan.  That was at 8:30 in the evening. By 3:30 in the morning I had tested all of the software and was starting to bleed from my eyes. While bleeding I had a  huge smile smile on my face.  I was like 14 all over again – my first day in a darkroom. These programs are absolutely awesome. They are simple, straight forward and easy to use and even an idiot like me can make them work.  I don’t impress easy but I’m impressed.
Joe DiMaggio
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Copyright Joe DiMaggio

Copyright Joe DiMaggio