Today Was A Catch-28!

To All the Ships At Sea –

Pretty sure most of you read Joseph Heller’s book CATCH-22.  Well today I had a Catch-28!  Called Amazon and explained my name was spelled wrong in my Amazon book listing and the publisher’s name was wrong.  They said no problem…please hold.  I was on hold for four minutes and decided I should water my basil…which I did…still on hold. With that Peter Poremba, the CEO of Dynalite called and I abruptly told him, I’d call him back.  Seven minutes into my hold,  Al Stegmeyer from Upstrap called. I also blew him off.  Their music was starting to drive me crazy so I decided to go brush my teeth.  Still waiting… I gargled.  We are now 12 minutes into the hold and I figured well… I’m in the bathroom…. Now 15 minutes into it, I decided to take a quick shower. I quickly, jumped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around me and my friend Sam Garcia called.  Also blew him off and said I’d get back.  Went outside, still waiting, I watered my tomatoes, and went back into the studio. With that JoAnne asked me where I had been?  I simply said I’ve been on hold.  Twenty four minutes later, the lovely lady told me there was nothing they could do about it and to call the Publisher and tell them to make the changes.  She said it would probably take till July to implement them.  The first line in my new book FILL THE FRAME  is six months ago, I was 20 years old.  That’s how fast life is…light speed plus.  Time is like gold – more valuable than material things.

If you want to read a great book (FILL THE FRAME) – see reviews.    Attached link to short video – http://FILL THE FRAME

Live, Love, Laugh & be Happy – hold on a minute I will get back to you.  film is 28 seconds… time is very valuable…

Albert Maysles Documentary Filmmaker

Albert Maysles Home © Joe DiMaggio7580e

Al Maysles © Joe DiMaggio

Al Maysles © Joe DiMaggio

Al Maysles © Joe DiMaggio

I remember the day, the time, and exactly where I was the day JFK was killed.  I remember the day, the time, and exactly where I was when W. Gene Smith passed away.  Well, I’m sitting in my studio and it’s 3:25 PM, the first sunny day in weeks –  a blistering 34 degrees and I just found out that Albert Maysles passed away.

In my humble opinion Albert Maysles was the father of modern documentary film along with his talented brother David.  They did some amazing films over an illustrious career that spanned six plus decades.  My son Dylan interned with Al.  We attended a cocktail party and Dylan introduced me to him.  It was like meeting royalty.  It never ceases to amaze me the greatest talents can also be warm, lovely, not pretentious people.  I asked Al for some advice on my film “In This Corner” and he became a technical adviser for me .  He was kind enough to invite us to his home where we did a short interview and a few still photographs which I will share with you.

The world has lost a great filmmaker and a great man!  There is no doubt in my mind that Al is now shooting a documentary with another great director.

Albert Maysles with Joe DiMaggio © Dylan DiMaggio

Al Maysles with Joe DiMaggio © Dylan DiMaggio