Eye Chart with an “E”


To All the Ships at Sea –

I’m pretty sure the human species including myself takes a lot for granted. The one thing I’ve not taken for granted is my vision.  I don’t mean my vision for fellow man, I mean MY EYES.  Oops… I really mean my EYE.  Since age 5 I haven’t had vision in my left eye.  Well, I had my first surgery on my left eye since I was a kid.  Yesterday, I went for my 24 hour follow up and they tested me and much to my surprise I can now see the big “E” and the second line F and P, the third line not so much.  I guessed at the Z but did not see the T and the O.  Dr. Liegner tells me that it is a huge improvement and considering my eye was still dilated from the surgery he said it would only get better.  I can now look at my watch and read the time.  Who knows where I may go after this?  Maybe I can learn how to play the Piccolo or become a juggler?  Nah, I better stick to photography.

As I mentioned before I am the luckiest guy on the planet.  I will share my first photo with my new vision.  It’s a fun photo.

Live, Love, Laugh, and Be Happy. All the Great Things in Life are Free…

© Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio