Gerry Cooney

To all the ships at sea,

As the line goes, “Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?”  Well, the short answer to that is, as my friend Willy Nelson would say is, “On the road again.”  Haven’t had any time to do any blogging, tweeting, or social media, and if I did have time for that, I was probably having a martini, and once I have a martini, I don’t feel like blogging.  Guess what… I haven’t had a martini yet today.  Let me share one of my old friends with you.  Gentleman Gerry Cooney, the number one heavy weight champion a few years back. He’s not only one of the sweetest men God put on this Earth, but his love of his fellow man and especially children is amazing.  He’s dedicated himself to YCS which is an organization that takes care of the children that have been neglected by everybody.  They’re success rate is totally astounding.   Great people going great work, and making great children into great men and women.  It’s truly a beautiful thing.  If we all lived our lives that way, this truly would be a paradise.

Each day YCS cares for approximately 1,500 children, by providing either residential care or in-community and in-home services. Some of the children are separated from their loved ones and have been affected by trauma, others are unable to live at home because of intellectual and developmental disabilities that adversely affect their behavior. Whatever the child’s special education, mental health or behavioral health needs, the caring YCS staff is prepared to offer individualized services to both the child and family. With your support, we can help our children find hope, and cultivate strength and resilience for a brighter future.




Cooney and Kalish, getting ready to rumble.