Cuba From the Inside Out

To All the Ships at Sea,

© Joe DiMaggio

Years ago, I coined a phrase – “Shooting from the inside out rather than the outside in.” The concept is a simple one. I will share a story that one of my mentors, the great photographer, father of modern photojournalism, W. Eugene Smith told me. Smith, once explained to me his thought process behind his famous LIFE Magazine photo essay on the coal miners of Wales. He would first enter the mines without a camera and learn what they did, in the conditions they did it in, breathing in the same deadly air which caused black lung disease. After he gained their trust, only then did he bring in a camera.

© W. Eugene Smith

On both our upcoming Trips we will have an opportunity to record and experience the heart and soul of the Cuban people. We will do everything we can, to have you experience Cuba as if you were part of their Society.  Humanitarian Traveling is about meeting and learning about other countries and people and experiencing the world around us.

The tour is also perfect for non-photographers to join us as well, although it is customized for photographers.  

W. Eugene Smith © Joe DiMaggio