Ice Dreams-Ice

To all the ships at sea, Joe redundant is here again. Look at it this way, I’m not going to live that much longer. Somewhere around 2:00 in the morning, as they say “nature called”. I looked out the window and it was a full moon. The icicles were being illuminated by the moon and […]

Winter AKA Cold Hell

To all the ships at sea and to all the ships standing on an iceberg, not to mention to all my friends in California, Sicily, and Cuba who laugh at me when I bitch about how cold it is. Their simple answer is MOVE! I’ll take it under consideration. Here are a few photos I […]

Young Pup

To all the ships at sea, Back in the day I coined the phrase, “Standardization and simplification,” when it came to photography. Another phrase I coined was, “Shoot it when you see it, because you’ll never go back to photograph it again.” Everything I say is my opinion, not fact- I get it. I was […]

100 Degrees Fahrenheit, I Don’t Think So

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like the cold weather. While working on a short video piece for CBS, I found myself literally in the cold for two days. In reality, it was an awful lot of fun, and the video turned out quite well. While we’re going through this heat wave, I […]