Israel Photography Adventure

Israel Photo Safari with Joe DiMaggio and William Shatner

Joe DiMaggio and Bill Shatner in Israel on Photo Safari

Whether you’re a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or atheist you must visit Israel. It is the Center of all Religions and all Civilizations. It is living history that one can see, palpably feel and we are offering you the opportunity to photographically capture.

In any given year millions of people visit Israel  – over a million from the U.S. alone. There are many travel agencies that specifically deal with the Middle East and the number of guides are astronomical.  Given that set of circumstances, one should ask why go with us? Internationally known photographer/filmmakerJoe DiMaggio and World Class Guide Amir Or-ly have worked together for almost three decades and have become brothers. Amir and Joe met while shooting a TV show for ESPN. The show was called The Photo Safari which Joe hosted along with co-host celebrity, amateur photographer, world traveler –William Shatner and is still being rerun on OLN network. DiMaggio felt that is was Amir – his knowledge, his humor and his ability to change course in a manner of seconds, who was the glue  that helped make the show so successful.