© Joe DiMaggio

To All the Ships at Sea –

It’s almost impossible to have a flat sea. I believe the proper expression is flat calm or dead calm – not a ripple to be seen.  I took advantage of this anomaly to make a very simple photograph.

I came up with a concept 20 years ago of standardization and simplification or KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid.) I had an opportunity to study art in Japan and you find out that less is more.  This was not an assignment. This was just for me.

I will make a 30 x 40.

Happiness is Free

© Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio

To All the Ships At Sea

George Washington, Abe Lincoln, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, the only holiday that I absolutely adore is Valentine’s Day! It’s a day of celebration for couples to comes together and do the most important thing that any couple can do. It is a day to stop and remember to show their love which simply can be done with a hug, a kiss, a wink of the eye to say I love you.  The most beautiful things in life are free. It’s something we often forget.  My friends, every day should be Valentines Day!   Make it a Great Day!

Back in the day my instructors at the Missouri Photo Workshop taught us one of the most important things you should remember when you make a photograph.  A photo should never need a caption.  Over the years editors and art buyers named this photo “The Kiss” not my words but theirs.

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