A Week in Hell Followed by Heaven ????

Most people have good days and bad days. You may find it hard to believe but photographers sometimes have good days and bad days too. You may be surprised to find out that photographers on occasion are also people. I was talking to an anthropologist in Japan and for some reason, I said to him […]

Happy Birthday To the Great Photographer Lew Long

To All the Ships At Sea When you’re 20 years old you think you know everything. When you’re 25 you think your shit doesn’t stink. When you’re 26 you think you’re the only great photographer in the world. When you’re 40 you realize there’s a whole world out there. And, then you turn 45 and […]

Stay Safe Fight Covid-19

To All the Ships At Sea – https://youtu.be/soZRLe-cLS0 – Fight Covid-19 I feel like I’m in one of the Twilight Zone’s segments. I never thought I would see my brothers and sisters die on soil more than in 9/11. Oh my God! I hope I live long enough to see what is written in history […]

Peter B. Kaplan R.I.P.

To All The Ships At Sea – The question is – “Who would you want to be in a foxhole beside you?” My obvious answer would be JoAnne Kalish, my second choice would be my dear friend Bill Shatner and my third choice would be Peter B. If it came to a photographic foxhole, it […]

Peter B. Kaplan

To All The Ships At Sea – My agent in California tells me when someone asks me how I am I should tell them I’m fantastic, I’m great, super, fabulous! That would be bullshit today! My dear friend for over 4 decades has taken his height photography to the next level. I’m pretty sure he’ll […]

Work in Progress #1 Bobby Kyle

To All The Ships At Sea – First things first, Happy New Year!  This is going to be a very special year. I had the honor to end the last three days of 2018 in the studio, with the one and only Bobby Kyle and his great band members, Everett, Marc, Arthur,Linwood, Slam, Peter,  Alan, […]

Willie May Not Be God but…

To All the Ships at Sea – We all have good days and bad days. Today was a wonderful day. I went to do my 2 hours in the gym and ran into a friend of mine by the name of Keith. Three weeks ago, Keith bought one of my books FILL THE FRAME.  Up […]

Clichés – The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree

To All the Ships At Sea – Growing up in the West Village of NYC,  I was in inundated with a very intense Italian American identity. At the same time  there was the Jewish American influence.  Looking back it was the best of both worlds. Then along came all the clichés. They sounded different but […]


  To All The Ships At Sea – I would imagine photographers are just like everyone else.  They get into a routine and take things for granted and that’s a very bad thing.  Anybody that knows me knows, that I shot Nikon Cameras from 1960 – 1984.  In 1984 I signed a contract with the […]