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To All The Ships at Sea,

My great friend actor Roy Scheider, when I told him that my favorite film was ALL THAT JAZZ. He smiled and said, “You know why I was so good in that?  Because I was intense, dedicated, loved women, loved partying and attacked life head on and you know why you liked it? Because you’re the same as me.” Wow, what a compliment.  Stuff like that is a lot more valuable than money.  He was truly a great actor and great guy. One time JoAnne took me to the Blue Note and we saw Alberta Hunter. Alberta Hunter was one of the greatest American Jazz singers of all time.  That probably started my love affair with Jazz and the Blues.  Then I ran into Hugh Brodie who turned me onto Kitt Potter and Lilly Howard.  Lilly was playing in NY the other night and JoAnne and I went to see her.  She was playing with Guitarist Mike Jackson, Saxophonist Harvey Kaiser, Drummer Bobby Sanabria, and Bassist Rich Syracuse three great sets.  Wow the end to a perfect week.  She was kind enough to introduce me to her son who appeared to be a very cool dude.  Like all great singers she sings from the heart and gut.  She’ll certainly bring a smile or a tear to your eye.  She has that kind of power.  As a photographer you get to meet a lot of great people which is very cool… An adventure every day, and  a holiday every week.  It doesn’t get better than that.  By the way here is some information on my recent book FILL THE FRAME.

Jazz and Blues  – you can’t tell the difference after dark




“Recalling His Adventures as a Working Photographer from the 60’s to present day. The book describes his career working for publications such as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, TIME MAGAZINE, HBO, rapidly followed by a brilliant career in Corporate and Advertising.  It’s also about how photography has evolved over the years.”

FILL THE FRAME goes into detail about the many people he has photographed – celebrities, sports figures as well as so many others and his experiences working with them, and the stories behind the photographs.

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Roy Scheider A Man For All Seasons

To All The Ships At Sea

To be honest I had no idea I was going to write yesterday’s blog and I really had no idea I was going to write today’s blog. At approximately 1:30 last night, still transferring files from the old hard drives to the Wiebetech RTX, I stumbled across one of JoAnne’s files marked “Roy Scheider”. I opened it and there was a photo of Roy and myself in his home. When I looked at the photo I realized the tooth I’m wearing is from the 3427 lb Great White from yesterday’s blog. Talk about a coincidence. You can’t make this stuff up!

There have been very few times in my career, where everything was in perfect alignment and the timing was perfect and the decision was made, and that decision could not have been better. In pre-production for the Discovery Documentary on White Sharks, I wanted to interview Roy Scheider, because of his starring role in “Jaws”. Roy and I had met many years before and it was a natural fit. After talking to him on the phone, I made the decision not to interview him, but to have him do all of the narration for the film.

To this day I cannot watch the film, but I can still listen to it. He is the best part of that film. I consider Roy one of the all time great actors.

There are very few actors that have the ability to go from playing “Cloudy” in “The French Connection” to Joe Gideon in “All That Jazz”. Roy was a master artist and an amazing talent. He will be missed…

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Joe DiMaggio