Winter Wonderland! Not!

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To All The Ships At Sea –

I’ve spent 25% of my career making photographs under 1/15th of a second!  I’ve called them Time/Motion for decades.  In recent times I’ve experimented with photos over 1/2000th of a second.   Why?  Just for the fun of it.  When we adopted Ace our Pupulopus I decided to take him out for a run in the snow.

Here are a few frames I came up with at ISO 320, shutter speed 1/4000 of a second, 2o0mm lens, not shooting on continuous and panning one shot at a time. The difficult part was throwing the snowball with my right hand and picking up the camera and panning.  It’s all for fun.  There are so many photos to make out there!  Have fun with your camera even in cold weather!

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