Happy New Year

To All The Ships At Sea –

I had an old friend and when we’d have a party or event everybody would say, “If he’s not late, he’s not coming.”  That’s my way of apologizing for this late blog.

January 1st to me is similar to January 2nd, 3rd, or 5th.  I don’t get very excited about January 1st.  My dear friend Dennis Wheeler, who is also my mentor, my art historian, my collaborator had a great day.  Unannounced two New York City Doctors showed up at his Gallery and bought two original Wheeler’s.  Much to his surprise after they left, a local businessman came by and also purchased another original Wheeler.  It doesn’t get better than that!  Dennis is one of the finest artists of our time and has the greatest amount of flexibility.  There is nothing he can’t do with a great variety of materials.  He can do it all and does it very well.  When Dennis does well – I do well!  I’m always happy for him.  Thanks Dennis for sharing your January 1st sales.

On January 3rd I received a Magazine assignment (really?)  I think we should get together and buy a lottery ticket.  In a perfect world this blog should have come out the evening of January 1st.

See link to article on Dennis Wheeler