To All the Ships At Sea – Twenty years ago I was hired for private photo lessons by an amazingly great businessman by the name of Simon Jacob. We spent 3 days photographing all around Manhattan, Queens and New Jersey. At the time I was shooting Kodachrome 25, Kodachrome 64 and Tri-X. Simon had a […]

Good News – Hell no Great News!

To All the Ships at Sea – In the past 5 months there has been so much bad news. The loss of friends, finances, work. However in the last week a lot has turned around. One of my private students recommended me to do a program. Thanks Rob. Like everything in my career I take […]

OMG 50 Years! You Have to Be Kidding

To All the Ships At Sea, Okay you can take a ruler to my knuckles I certainly deserve it. Repetition you have to be kidding – me? Get a larger ruler. I’m the luckiest man in the world. I have great friends. The majority of them are world class artists, musicians (artists), writers (artists). It’s […]


To All the Ships at Sea, In a world moving at light speed, yes I’ve used this saying before…  To have 4 consecutive great days is almost unheard of.  Well, I’ve had 5 great days.  It started out good and ended fabulous.  My book FILL THE FRAME hit 13 on Amazon. Sean Strub of the […]

Young Pup

To all the ships at sea, Back in the day I coined the phrase, “Standardization and simplification,” when it came to photography. Another phrase I coined was, “Shoot it when you see it, because you’ll never go back to photograph it again.” Everything I say is my opinion, not fact- I get it. I was […]

RIP Ralph Morse

                    To All the ships at sea, I tend to be redundant; I also tend to have a pretty good memory. I also realize the journey I’ve been on for the last 5 decades could not have happened if it wasn’t for some amazing people, great […]

The Tomcat

There are rules, and there are new rules. The new rule is to never look backwards, instead always look forwards. I’m starting to get it; it takes a while but no one ever said I was a fast learner. While searching the archives for my new book, I stumbled across a story I did for […]

Adorama Inaugural Street Fair

  My dear friend Monica Cipnic asked me if I would come and do a few programs for the Adorama Inaugural Street Fair. My answer was, “Of course!” She put me in contact with Brian Green, who is Vice President of Marketing. Two phone calls, one email, and we were ready to go. To say the program was successful is really […]