Delray? IcK!

Delray © Kalish 1521hpS e

© JoAnne Kalish

I walked past JoAnne’s desk the other day and saw this photo and was knocked on my ___ ___ ___… okay, my ass. Simple, clean, elegant… until I saw the name! IcK! I don’t like titles, any titles! Yes, in recent days I have been forced to come up with titles, but you know what makes a great title? “Untitled”! I like that title!  I am going to try everything in the world to get JoAnne to change the title of this to “Untitled” or “Beach”, or maybe “Sand” or “Soft”. So by now you have probably put two and two together and figured out that I don’t like titles… but I love this photograph. It’s a direct contradiction to what JoAnne does so well. No title necessary.

Oh my God, JoAnne just used a word  “yes”! To all the ships at sea, please note the time and date because the next time this happens Haley’s comet will be going over your head!